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Posted By: tobe1 - Date : 10/9/2009

   ความคิดเห็นจากคุณ Valentino White Lace Wedding Shoes 2014

Is to wait a bit longer, increased a lot, too tired, fall wear good shoes it is the first time sent a little problem, for a pair, there is a very good customer service attitude. Speak do not know.
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  : ::  30/5/15 09:14

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Jersey has been received, the quality is very good, I liked it, very appropriate, like jersey has been received, the quality is very good, the fabric is very comfortable, very fond of, the seller service is also very good, very satisfied with online shopping jersey has been received, the quality is very Well, is genuine, customer service is very enthusiastic jersey has been received, the quality is very good.
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  : ::  30/5/15 14:40

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I say must be complete, lying, c, which is the sinkhole it? Great stuff received, confirmed late, a little embarrassed, but things did not say, very good, very good next time will come to buy their favorite, good style, travel time is very accurate, logistics quickly, Great praise it beautiful, comfortable to wear fine workmanship.
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  : ::  1/6/15 09:22

   ความคิดเห็นจากคุณ Ray Ban Erika Light Green

Ready to buy one, hehe! Oh come on! Next to a preferential wow! Support sale! Fifth full da! Customer Cyangugu awesome boss can be considered for promotion to Cyangugu. Good service attitude friends.
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  : ::  2/6/15 07:30

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Glasses and see the same picture, style is very beautiful, but also to buy a friend read it stores shipped fast, baby packaging intact. Sunglasses are authentic, quality and workmanship are great, fashionable atmosphere. Comfortable to wear. Very beautiful, wear very significant temperament.
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  : ::  2/6/15 18:40

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Good! Table Overall good, with a few days evaluation, starting a little later episode customer service is in place, the table will be used for some time other states appended table overall is on the grade, her husband liked. Seller reputation is very good, worthy of our trust.
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  : ::  4/6/15 02:10

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This is high praise! Just have color jersey is like it! Indian team logo is like, just print it down! Logistics is like, but nothing bad attitude! Customer service is like, but the old-for-nothing! This is the first of 16 sets of printed jersey, has been received before the service is not really good.
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  : ::  7/6/15 11:29

   ความคิดเห็นจากคุณ Team With Most Wins In Mlb Season

Poor better than the mall ah, I poisoned also, crazy. Good read, I super like, ready in two days to buy a pair of black looks beautiful, really the United States burst! Workmanship is very good, heel wearing not tired, it is like shining wonderful. Wearing more than one hour away do not feel sore foot, soft leather.
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  : ::  7/6/15 14:14

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The bag is better than expected, very stylish, behind friends can start, praise bag big points than expected, such as leather, can also be right, shipping and logistics soon! Bag beautiful than expected too! Very meticulous workmanship the right size it took very significant level. Bags than expected, a small point, the texture in general, outside of a relatively easy thorny flower. Nice bag. Very nice! The right size, hand shoulder can be. Liked.
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  : ::  7/6/15 15:23

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After some let me piercing replacement process, finally got their own things, and also Minato live it, is customer service can really drag ah. After a saliva flow, the seller finally agreed to swap a larger size to me.
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  : ::  10/6/15 16:28

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Very good seller attitude is also very good bag, workmanship Ye Hao, logistics Express, the seller attitudes of the future will patronize the bag is very good, color is very positive, very stylish look good, fast delivery, like a bag is very Oh good, her husband, and said very Korean Fan, hey, good colleagues say do not worry about it, like a really good, like I give out of the bag is very good and very good atmosphere and pictures on bags, leather feels very good, very satisfied with the seller service attitude is very satisfied with the bag well, and pictures, details of the work is also very good.
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  : ::  27/6/15 23:02

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Exam generous fashion, comfortable to wear, praise! Baby is very beautiful, looks great temperament, the seller service is also very good praise baby is very beautiful, also very good, is genuine Oh, friends saw want to buy it, store service is also very good, 5 points praise Oh baby is very beautiful, high cost, the seller service is particularly good.
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  : ::  28/6/15 06:06

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Test box has polarized test card, customer service attitude is also very good, answer, later introduced friends to the good eye to see clearly, style and generous, like.
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  : ::  1/7/15 09:01

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Good quality full-fifth, feeling very comfortable, good fabric, the seller provides a good service, I like good quality, feeling comfortable no color, and description, very worth buying, logistics is to force good quality, feeling very comfort, style is also good, cheap. Good quality, wearable, easy to use and comfortable.
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  : ::  1/7/15 23:51

   ความคิดเห็นจากคุณ Louis Vuitton Handbags Prices Singapore

Good, looks good, friends say looked good, quality stuff, like a good, style I liked it, wear comfortable, when walking accurate, satisfied. Watch received, tried on styles satisfaction, automatic mechanical, relatively affordable price, worth buying.
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  : ::  4/7/15 00:00

   ความคิดเห็นจากคุณ Gucci Chain Link

First: the shirt is not worth the price of a single piece 69, a set of 139, the price of most of Taobao can buy; second: jersey worn poke some people, wearing very hard to accept! This is my true feelings, hopes have already purchased a friend continuous improvement! Out of courtesy to the acclaim.
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  : ::  4/7/15 00:55

   ความคิดเห็นจากคุณ 17.50 NFL Jerseys Uk

Why do you want your boss to let me ah heavy gas fire is the logistics, to a few days do not send me, I have not received the goods have been received gave me engage, mad at me, called him and asked him how, I still fierce, bad attitude overall feeling good, is a little yellowish ivory. No significant new future too easy not significantly older. Exquisite workmanship, stitching is strong. Package design is relatively new. Conclusion: It is a good package, good value for money.
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  : ::  4/7/15 05:26



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